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you always gotta keep your opponent on their toes. unless your opponent is a ballerina, that is where they are most powerful 

"There is room in the song for you."

"Oh, I’ve sort of got a song of my own, thanks."

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some muggleborn like “i want to be an astronaut when i grow up!”

wizard kids like “wtf is an astronaut”

"oh you know…the people who go to the moon"

You noticed wizard kids aren’t given much in the way of options or education, eh?  How about that job market!


on the billie/mick train until I die ahaha I’m going to cry

"How about this? The weekend hadn’t turned out exactly as Detective Heat had imagined… But now nothing, not even another murder on the beach could stop her from getting exactly what she desired most."

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everything personal♡


everything personal♡

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when I was like 9 my neighbors asked me to watch their fish and cat while they went on vacation and I was like “lol k” and while they were gone tHE FUCKING FISH DIED so when they got home I apologized to the mom and she was just like “no need to apologize, I turned the filter off so they would die because they are too much work. You did nothing wrong” and she gave me 20 bucks and that is the story of my first contracted murder

your first…?

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In case you were having a bad day


In case you were having a bad day

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Canada, we seem nice, but we’re hella into anal

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