tony abbott:gough whitlam was an inspirational leader who did many important things that are vital for our nation.
gough whitlam:it's time to bring in national healthcare.
gough whitlam:it's time to actually do something about indigenous affairs.
gough whitlam:it's time for free university education.
tony abbott:yeah nah


Clara Oswald, supernanny.

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[Tenth Doctor scans Donna with his sonic screwdriver] Weird. I mean, you’re not special. You’re not powerful. You’re not connected. You’re not clever. You’re not important.”

Long story! What story? Err, I’ll tell ya later!

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"So if you would like to break my heart and have me write a song about you, please like, subscribe and share." [x]

Pixar’s 22 rules to phenomenal storytelling (click in the pictures to zoom)

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I screamed after this happened! MIND EXPLODED

#and in that moment i swear #kate beckett believed

Seriously if Castle had seen this! :O

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favorite character meme - [3/7] scenes

thewackygiant said: I'm not sure about last night's Doctor Who. Some of the characters seemed rather 2-dimensional. And some of the story felt kind of flat. ^_^ Just kidding. I couldn't resist. Nice job, everyone.



ob meme || [28/7] funny moments

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20 Mind-Boggling Shower Thoughts [showerthoughts/distractify]

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holy fuck nobody kill any spiders ever again